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Exhaust Gas Analysis and Development Tools

Head of Department:


Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Hitzler

Ph.: +49 711 685-68091

Scope of Work:

  • Development of engines and engine components;
  • Exhaust-gas aftertreatment strategies;
  • Heat balances;
  • Exhaust gas investigations and determination of consumption for passenger vehicle engines (gasoline and diesel fuel as well as natural gas) based on freely definable driving cycles on the engine test bench;
  • Determination of load collections in moving traffic.
  • One and multi-dimensional calculation of flow processes in the combustion chamber as well as in the intake and exhaust section (CFD).


  • Test benches for engines up to 850 kW and 10,000 min-1;
  • Test benches for instationary experiments;
  • Specialty test benches for small engines (up to 30,000 min-1);
  • Dynamic engine test bench for standard and hydrogen engines for total vehicle simulation;
  • Aggregate test bench for mechanical chargers;
  • Systems for conditioning intake air, motor oil, coolant, fuel and charge air;
  • External charging systems;
  • Engine test bench with rarefaction tunnel, CVS system and particle collector;
  • Exhaust-gas analysis systems for CO, CO2, NOX, HC, H2 and CH4;
  • Measuring devices for determining the exhaust-gas opacification and black smoke number for diesel engines;
  • Powerful indication systems for combustion progress analysis and knock detection.