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Wind Tunnel Operation

Head of Department:


Dipl.-Ing. Armin Michelbach

Ph.: +49 711 685-63110 or 63130

Scope of Work:

  • Form optimization on 1:4/1:5 vehicle models as well as 1:1 passenger cars and motorcycles;
  • Display and measurement of 1:1/1:4/1:5 circumfluence;
  • 3D acquisition of exterior form and measurement of 1:1/1:4/1:5 front area;
  • Measurement of aerodynamic interaction of wheel-vehicle-road;
  • Measurement of roll and ventilation resistance;
  • Aerodynamic and driving dynamic investigations for tire slip angles;
  • Rolling noise investigations;
  • Aeroacoustic measurements on motor vehicles;
  • Interior and exterior noise;
  • Determining noise sources;
  • Reducing wind noise.


  • Model wind tunnel:
    Nozzle 1.65 m2; Max. velocity 288 km/h;
    Electromechanical 6-component scale with process computer;
    Exhaust system for ground boundary layer;
    Automatic measuring operation on 1:4/1:5 motor vehicle models;
    5-axle traversing unit for sensors;
    Simulation of road conditions with steel belt between wheel and 4 additional single-wheel rotating units;
    Provisioning of modeling and workshop facilities.
  • Aeroacoustic vehicle wind tunnel:
    Nozzle 22.5 m2; Max. velocity 265 km/h;
    Acoustic measures in air conduction and plenum;
    Electromechanical 6/7-component scale with process computer; translation and displacement measurement;
    Automatic measuring operation on 1:1 motor vehicles and motorcycles;
    Simulation of road conditions with steel belt between the wheels and 4 additional single-wheel rotating units, max. speed 252 km/h, max. dynamic load carrying capacity 8 kN;
    Lifting platform in test section;
    6-axle traversing unit for sensors;
    Measuring and analysis systems for acoustic measurements;
    Provisioning of a modeling and design studio, preparation and workshop facilities as well as a reverberation room;
    Laser-doppler anemometer for touchless speed measurement;
    Laser scanning vibrometer for investigating component vibrations.