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Interdisciplinary Projects and High Performance Computing

Head of Department:


Dr.-Ing. Timo Kuthada

Ph.: +49 711 685-67615

Scope of Work:

The field of Interdisciplinary Projects and High Performance Computing (HPC) operates as a connecting link between the departments of automotive engineering and ensures that customers deal with a single source in case of complex global problems. The entry of the FKFS into HPC and its consistent applications in an integrated approach, i.e. the parallel and efficient utilization of experimental and computational methods, was completed several years ago and contributes to a reduction of costs and time. In this context, the  FKFS also made a name for itself as a partner in the development of computational methodologies.


  • Powerful workstations for pre and post-processing,
  • High performance computing cluster with currently more than 420 CPUs,
  • Virtual reality display in Mini-Cave.