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Vehicle Acoustics and Vibration

Head of Department: 


Dr.-Ing. Martin Helfer

Ph.: +49 711 685-67622 oder 67614

Scope of Work:

  • Reducing exterior and interior noise of vehicles (drive noise, tire-road surface noise, rolling noise, aerodynamic noise);
  • Test bench simulations for noise production (e.g. servohydraulic vibration test bench, aeroacoustic wind tunnel facility);
  • Noise measurements at drives;
  • Performing encapsulation measures on motor vehicles and commercial vehicles;
  • Modal and operating vibration analyses;
  • Sound emission measurements;
  • Computational methods (incl. computational aeroacoustics).


  • Vehicle noise-level test bench for separate investigations of the drive noise;
  • Noise measuring trailer;
  • Aeroacoustic vehicle wind tunnel (see Wind Tunnel Operation);
  • Servohydraulic 4-punch system;
  • Electrodynamic vibration exciter.
  • Binaural measuring system for correct loudness evaluation of noise in the vehicle;
  • Acoustic concave mirror for localizing sound sources on the outer vehicle skin;
  • Microphone array systems;
  • Laser scanning vibrometer;
  • Software systems with corresponding hardware for performing computational investigations in vehicle acoustics.