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Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management

Head of Department:


Dipl.-Ing. Nils Widdecke

Ph.: +49 711 685-67620

Scope of Work:

  • Further development of vehicle aerodynamics;
  • Further development of wind tunnel systems as well as wind tunnel measuring and simulation techniques, particularly with respect to the simulation of instationary onflow conditions, ground simulation, wheel rotation and boundary layer conditioning, as well as further development of correction processes for open jet wind tunnels;
  • Form development, design and model construction, package investigations on motor vehicles;
  • Dual-phase flows for displaying and investigating external vehicle soiling and vehicle self-soiling, as well as fading in wet weather on disk brakes;
  • Flow visualization;
  • Optimization of cooling air flow and brake cooling;
  • Optimization of thermal management on the total vehicle;
  • Climate comfort;
  • Computational fluid dynamics quasi-stationary and instationary flow conditions as well as dual-phase flows.