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  • Multiple Registration to individual laboratories is not allowed!
  • For the individual degree programs see the informations below
  • At the end of every Experiment, you receive a certificate. The forms for the individual degree programs can be downloaded via the links on the previous page. The corresponding form must be brought to the Experiment.
  • The documents for the Experiments are available at the "Opens external link in new windowKopierlädle" only
  • The central Meeting place is the entrance area of the IVK main Building at Pfaffenwaldring 12. Here, you will be picked up or get additional informations.


Master Program in Automotive and Engine Technology

For informations see FMT Website (German)



Bachelor Program in Automotive and Engine Technology

For Informations see FMT Website (German)  



M.Sc. Program mach, tema - Major in Automotive Engineering

Major Experiments in Automotive Engineering (4 of 5 Experiments)

Aeroacoustic (very limited capacity)

Road Simulation

Outside Noise Measurement

Model Wind Tunnel

Vehicle Tests Bench (offered only during the summer semester)


The "Internal Combustion Engines" experiments "Eexhaust-Gas Measurement" and "Output Measurement" can be selected as part of the GIME if "Vehicle Propulsion" has not been selected as the second major.



M.Sc. Proram mach, tema - Major in Vehicle Propulsion

Major Experiments in Vehicle Propulsion
(4 of 5 Experiments)

Exhaust-Gas Measurement

Output Measurement

Acoustic Power Measurement

Pressure Indication

Workshop "Calculation and Analysis of Internal Operations (offerered only during summer semester)


The "Automotive Engineering" Experiments "Model Wind Tunnel" and Vehicle Test Bench" can be selected as part of the GIME if "Automotive Engineering" has not been selected as the second Major.



Technikpädagogik "Technology Pedagogics) - VF Fahrzeugtechnik

All together, six experiments must be selected. Four (or five) from "Automotive Engineering" and two (or one) from "Vehicle Propulsion". Within GIME no additional Experiments can be selected.



Umweltschutztechnik (Environmental Engineering)

Students of the course of studies in Environmental Engineering with V12 "Kraftfahrzeug und Umwelt II" as complementary subject can participate in following experiments as supplemental subject "Prakikum: Kfz und Motoren":  

Exhaust-Gas Measurement

Acoustic Power Measurement

Vehicle Test Bench

Outside Noise Measurement



GIME (M.Sc. Program mach, tema - except for major in "Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Propulsion)

Students can participate in the following Experiments as part of GIME:

Exhaust-Gas Measurement

Outside Noise Measurement

Vehicle Test Bench (offered only during the summer semester)

Output Measurement

Model Wind Tunnel

Accoustic Power Measurement


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Registration is possible from 15.10.2018 (am).